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For the U.S. Asian Community

Posted on: March 18th, 2021 by Alden

In Atlanta, eight are dead after a killing spree centered on the Asian American community, as the number of hate crimes against that community continue to rise. This hits home, and I fear for my cousins in New York and Los Angeles. Here’s a Yizkor prayer to be said for an individual killed “At the Hand of Violence.”

For the U.S. Asian Community
Oh people of conscience,
Cry out.
Cry out against hatred and anger.
Cry out against violence and oppression.
Cry out against the rising tide of brutality against
Our Asian American brothers and sisters.

Author of life,
Source and Creator,
Grant a perfect rest under Your tabernacle of peace
To the victims of the massacre
In Atlanta, Georgia,
Whose lives were cut off by violence
In a rampage of aggression beyond understanding.
May their souls be bound up in the bond of life,
A living blessing in our midst.
May they rest in peace.

G-d of justice and mercy,
Remember the survivors and witnesses of this attack,
Witnesses to shock, horror and dismay.
Ease their suffering and release their trauma
So that they recover lives of joy and wonder.
Grant them Your shelter and solace,
Blessing and renewal.

Look with favor, G-d of love,
Upon Asian American communities throughout the land,
And all communities targeted for violence.
Grant them Your protection.
Remember them with comfort and consolation.
Bless them with wholeness and healing.

Heavenly Guide,
Put an end to anger, hatred, and fear,
And lead us to a time when
No one will suffer at the hand of another,
Speedily, in our day.

© 2021 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: This prayer borrows from two others, “After a Deadly Rampage” and “Racist Violence against Houses of Worship.” I have lost count of the number of prayers I’ve written after racist or gun violence. See: “Strangled by Police: Psalm of Protest 17,” “Tree of Life, Pittsburgh,” “For the Children of Newtown,” “After the Washington Navy Yard Shootings,” and “Pride Wins: A Prayer after Homophobic Brutality.” All of my Psalms of Protest can be found here. Here’s a Yizkor prayer to be said for an individual killed “At the Hand of Violence.”

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