Jewish Prayers From the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy

Psalms of Protest

These Psalms of Protest combine the prophetic voice — the voice that requires justice and truth — with the voice of the Psalmist demanding holiness in service to God. Focused on the difficult issues of our day, these Psalms aim a critical eye and a sharp tongue at the powerful and the unjust, rallying hope and sympathy for the abused and the downtrodden. Here are links:

Strangled by Police: Psalm of Protest 17

For Whistleblowers and Watchdogs: Psalm of Protest 16

Sing with Liberty: Psalm of Protest 15

O Freedom: Psalm of Protest 14

A Dream of Columbine: Psalm of Protest 13

Voter Suppression: Psalm of Protest 12

#MeToo, No More: Psalm of Protest 11

Psalms of Protest 7 to 10: Bigots in the Streets; Cruel Oppression; Sexual Abuse by Political Leaders; and, To Battle Injustice

Psalms of Protest 4, 5 and 6: Abuse of Power; Abuse of Trust; and, How Great are Your Works

Psalms of Protest 1, 2 and 3: Children, Detained; Free the Captive; and, When a New Pharaoh Arises