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For Whistleblowers and Watchdogs: Psalm of Protest 16

Here’s a new Psalm of Protest celebrating the role of watchdogs and whistleblowers in defending democratic ideals and institutions. See also: “Sing with Liberty: Psalm of Protest 15.

For Whistleblowers and Watchdogs: Psalm of Protest 16
A psalm of protest,
Sung at the gates of truth,
When senators and spokesmen
Attempt to swindle the truth with lies,
When lawyers and presidents
Attempt to swindle the treasury
And hijack elections.
Open you gates!
Open to the call of the watchdog,
The vigilant and the whistleblower,
Open to the call of special investigators and ombudsmen,
Who serve veracity in the name of the people,
Who serve honesty in the name of the law.
Open you gates!
Let truth flow forth like living waters
To cleanse regimes of fraudulent leaders.

© 2019 Alden Solovy and

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Postscript: See also O Freedom: Psalm of Protest 14” and “A Dream of Columbine: Psalm of Protest 13.

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