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Ordinary Men

This is a meditation for men on the power of being ordinary… together. My other prayers for men include: “For the Lost,” “Fire Within,” “We Share the Same Pain” and “The Descent.”

Ordinary Men
We are ordinary men,
Who go to work and come home to rest,
Who earn, support and provide.

We are ordinary men,
Who stand with our families and friends,
Teaching our children
To work with their hands,
To use their minds and their eyes,
To make music and sport,
Laughing together in moments of fun.

We are ordinary men,
Whose eyes twinkle and hearts smile with delight
At the sight of our partners,
With our days full of small pleasures.

Let us make a secret pact
To be ordinary men,
Each one,
Being ourselves.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
Not a hero. Not a superman.
Not a legend in shining armor.

Let our stories be simple.
Love. Work. Play. Rest.
No one will write the ballads of our lives,
But our dreams will live on for generations,
And war will vanish from the earth.

© 2018 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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Postscript: This is another prayer for men inspired by The ManKind Project.

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