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We Share the Same Pain

This is an invitation, an invitation to men to bond as equals, as brothers, as friends, sharing our deepest pain and our deepest fear. It’s posted today to honor the men of the November 2010 New Warrior Training Adventure held by Chicago Community of The ManKind Project at Camp Ronora, Mich.

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We Share the Same Pain
You do not know me…
And you know me.
I do not know you…
And I know you.
We have travelled different roads,
But they are paths across the same landscape,
Trails across the same terrain.
Joy and anger,
Pride and shame,
Fear and love.
Our fathers and their fathers
Faced the journey of the heart alone,
Without the guidance of their brothers,
Without the wisdom of the generations.

Brother, we share the same legacy and
We share the same pain.
That is all I need to know
To love you today
For who you are and for who you can become.
Hurt, but not broken.
Still able to find the deep root of majesty within,
The gift of passion and power,
Radiance and joy,
Directed toward a life of service.
You know me.
I know you.
Let us share the challenge,
The journey,
And the victory.

© 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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3 Responses to “We Share the Same Pain”

  1. Mendel Weinberger

    I am part of a men’s personal growth group in Israel called Call of the Shofar. It is a Jewish take on the Mankind Project. Your poem really touched me and inspired me on my path. I met you last night at the meditation group. I hope to see you again.
    All the best,
    Mendel Weinberger

    • tobendlight

      Great to meet you, too. When I’m back in Israel this fall, I hope to participate in Call of the Shofar. I will stay in touch. Alden


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