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Breath: Yoga Meditation I

yoga-class1A friend asked if I had a prayer to set the mood for yoga practice. I didn’t, but the idea took hold. I wrote two: this meditation is for use at the beginning of practice. Each line can be said once or may be repeated to build a meditative state. The second meditation, “Strong: Yoga Meditation II,” is for use after practice. Later on, I wrote this: “Pray and…: Yoga Meditation III.” To listen along, click on the triangle in the bar below. The text follows.


Breath: Yoga Meditation I
Quiet and breath.
Stillness and breath.
Ready. Silent. Waiting.
Easing into warmth.
Gliding toward surrender.

Quiet and breath.
Stillness and breath.
Patient. Open. Willing.
Easing into calm.
Gliding toward release.

Quiet and breath.
Stillness and breath.
Present. Here. Now.
Easing into body.
Gliding toward soul.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: Here are two more pieces with the same rhythm and feel: “River” and “Ethics.” If you like this meditation, you may also like “Come Walk,” “Bird is Bird” and “Leaving.”

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