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The Season of Freedom

SederTableElissaA Passover meditation about the nature freedom, redemption, release. I’ve used this format of parallel stanzas for other holiday prayers, including Yom Kippur, Hanukah and counting the Omer. This piece appears in my new book This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day from CCAR Press, as does “The Season of Counting.”

The Season of Freedom
This is the season of freedom:
Of freedom from the will of tyrants,
Of freedom from the bondage of self,
To become a nation and a people.

This is the season of release:
Of release from captivity and oppression,
Of release from a foreign land,
To receive G-d’s Holy Word.

This is the season of redemption:
Of redeeming our bodies and souls,
Of redeeming our strength and power,
In service to Am Yisroel.

This is the season of freedom:
Of reliving the ancient journey,
Of remembering the treacherous path.
This is the season that calls us to stand together,
The season that summons us to G-d’s Law,
The season that leads us home.

© 2017 CCAR Press from This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day

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