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An Amazing Life

Blackbird-sunset-03What makes life amazing? Joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, darkness and light. And the choice to embrace life with a sense of awe and wonder no matter what. This piece appears in my new book This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day from CCAR Press. To listen along as you read, click on the triangle in the bar below. The entire text follows.

An Amazing Life
This is an amazing life,
A gift of moments
Precious and dear,
Profound in joy.
Profound in sorrow.

This is an amazing life,
A gift of moments
Glorious and holy,
Rich in laughter,
Rich with tears.

This is an amazing life,
A gift beyond imagination,
Fantastic stories of solitude and adventure,
Tales of darkness and light,
Psalms of frailty and endurance,
Poetry written in time and motion,
In stillness and silence,
In shouts and whispers,
In mourning and wondrous celebration.
This is an amazing life,
A river of blessings,
A gift to cherish
In awe and wonder.

Blessed are the gifts of life.
Blessed is the Giver of life.
Blessed is this amazing life.

© 2017 CCAR Press from This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day

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4 Responses to “An Amazing Life”

  1. Ellie

    Thank you for this prayer. Re-reading it today has brought a different perspective for me. Beautifully captured an awareness that has been emerging in these last days.

  2. Rabbi Paul Kipnes

    I love this prayer. I’d love to post it on my blog with complete attribution. Normally I would, but it is unclear to me if that would be a violation of your “Share this Prayer” rule. Let me know.

    • tobendlight

      Thanks for your interest and thanks for asking for clarification on the permissions (“Share this Prayer”) page. I’ve modified it to including posting a prayer once to a website or blog, including the permission line. Regards, Alden


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