horn-of-plentyHere are links to prayers that would make lovely additions to your Thanksgiving Day, including one-line excerpts and brief descriptions. Click the title to read the prayer:

  • Giving Thanks – “To whom shall I give this grateful heart, this joy that shines through the center of my being?” A reminder to live with gratitude and love.
  • Meditation at the Thanksgiving Table – “Let us remember those in need.” A prayer to be said together.
  • A Moment of Blessing – “This is a moment of blessing. Blessings given. Blessings received…” Right here, this very moment, blessings abound.
  • This Bounty – “In gratitude for these gifts, Holy One, Bless me with wisdom to use them with skill…” A prayer of thanksgiving.
  • An Amazing Life – “This is an amazing life, a river of blessings, a gift to cherish…” Gratitude for this amazing life.
  • Harvest Prayer – “The yield arrives full and ripe, plump and ready, bursting in flavor, brimming with gifts…” In thanks and praise for the gifts of the land.
  • For Autumn – “G-d of time and space, may this season be a blessing and a teacher…” A prayer for the autumn season.
  • Life as a Banquet  – “Grant me the grace to live my life as a banquet, a river of abundance and blessing…” The banquet of your life is full. Share your gifts.

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Photo Source: Mentoring Moments

“Alden has become one of Reform Judaism’s master poet-liturgists…" - Religion News Service, Dec. 23, 2020

“Mesmerizing, spiritual, provocative, and thoughtful, Alden was everything you would want in a guest scholar and teacher.” – Rabbi Denise L. Eger, Congregation Kol Ami, Los Angeles, and Past President, CCAR

"Alden Solovy has become one of the most revered liturgists of the last decade…" - Jewish Post & Opinion, March 29, 2023

“Alden left everyone feeling inspired.” – Cantor Jeri Robins, Shabbat Chair, NewCAJE6