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For Wisdom during Mid-Term Elections

Posted on: November 1st, 2018 by Alden

Go out to vote. With wisdom. And encourage others to vote, as well. Early mid-term voting is open in most U.S. states. This prayer has a much different tone than my Psalm of Protest 12, sung on the eve of an election.

For Wisdom during Mid-Term Elections
G-d of Justice,
Protector and Redeemer,
Grant guidance to our nation
As we select leaders
To serve and to govern,
The men and women who promise
To bring prosperity to our land,
The men and women who promise
To protect our homes and our democracy.

Grant wisdom and courage to voters
To entrust our government to visionaries,
To consensus builders and peacemakers,
To those luminaries who will serve our citizens –
And all who reside within our borders –
With honor and integrity
To forge a flourishing and peaceful future.

Bless our current and future government
With vision and strength,
Fortitude and insight.
May this new government lead us to a time
When liberty and equality will
Reign supreme throughout the land.

G-d of Truth,
Source and Shelter,
Grant safety and security to all nations,
So that truth and harmony will resound
From the four corners of the earth.
Let the light of our democracy
Shine brightly,
A beacon of hope
For every land and every people.

© 2018 Alden Solovy and

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Postscript: This is an adaptation of “For Wisdom during U.S. Primary Elections.”

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