Healing from Coronavirus: Hebrew and English

Here’s a Hebrew version of my prayer “Healing from Coronavirus,” with a revised English version so that the two match. Alex Griffel, a student at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies when I am also a student and Liturgist-in-Residence, translated the text, after he and I made some adaptations. Faculty member Rabbi Howard Markose who teachesBiblical Hebrew Grammar reviewed the draft. There were technical issues with the Hebrew, with new challenges appearing with each reread of the text. This is the result. Note: As a writing coach I have two open spots for new clients. Contact me at: alden@tobendlight.com.

Healing from Coronavirus

יהי רצון מלפניך
ה’ אלוקינו ואלוקי אבותינו ואמותינו
,שתשלח אור בריאות ורווחה לכל מי שנחשף לקורונה
,מי שלקה במחלת הקורונה
.וכל מי שילקה בה בעתיד – חס ושלום
.תברך אותם, תגן עליהם ,ותביא אותם במהירות להתאוששות שלמה
.תשלח להם רפואת הנפש ,רפואת הגוף ורפואת הנשמה
ונאמר, אמן

May it be Your will,
G-d of our fathers and mothers
That You cast the light of health and well-being
On those who’ve been exposed to coronavirus,
Those who have contracted the disease,
And those who contract the disease in the future, G-d forbid.
Bless them, protect them and bring them speedily to full recovery.
Send them
Healing of soul,
Healing of body,
And healing of spirit.
And let us say, Amen

© 2020 Alden Solovy and tobendlight.com.

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