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In Memory of a Statesman, John McCain (1936-2018)

A prayer to honor the memory of the late Senator John McCain — a war hero, a patriot and a man of integrity — who fought a brave final battle against brain cancer.

In Memory of a Statesman, John McCain (1936-2018)
G-d of history,
Bless the soul of the late Senator John McCain,
A leader faithful to his country,
A man of principles and action,
A soldier, a hero, a statesman, a lawmaker and a dedicated citizen,
Focused on justice and liberty
In the name of a healthy Republic and a vital Democracy.

Source of mercy,
Reward his legacy by providing us with leaders
With a true vision for a future,
Leaders with a deep understanding of Your instructions
To seek justice and pursue peace.
May the memory of his life
And the blessings of his soul
Inspire a new wave of selfless public service,
Lawmakers and officeholders willing to stand strong for their ideals,
Mavericks in pursuit of a better world.

Source of blessings,
Deal kindly with the soul of John McCain,
Who left a legacy of intelligent and caring leadership,
A legacy of inspiration and love of country,
A legacy of patriotism for the generations.
Grant him a perfect rest under Your canopy of peace.
May his soul be bound up in the bond of life,
A living blessing in our midst.

© 2018 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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