Jewish Prayers From the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy

For a Loved One’s Cancer Treatment

Another prayer in a series of prayers that follow the cancer journey. These prayers appear in my book Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing. Options for adapting this prayer to an individual circumstance are shown in [brackets].

For a Loved One’s Cancer Treatment
Today is the day,
God of old,
That my [wife][husband][partner][dear friend][companion],
_____________________________ [insert name],
[Begins to receive][Begins another cycle of]
Treatment for cancer,
This disease,
This intruder,
That has invaded his/her body and our lives.

God of compassion,
Grant him/her a path to healing.
See him/her through this day and the days ahead with dignity.
Strengthen our resolve to live fully and to love deeply.

Grant healing power to his/her [surgery][radiation][and][chemotherapy].
Reduce the side effects and eliminate any complications from this procedure
And grant him/her a full and complete recovery from this disease.
Grant his/her physicians insight and perseverance
And his/her caregivers knowledge and skill.
Grant scientists and researchers tools and understanding
To develop new treatments for this cancer,
Speedily, in our day.

God of Mercy,
Give me the poise and clarity
To provide steadfast support on this journey,
With love and respect,
With kindness and compassion.
Grant our family comfort and relief.
Ease our burdens and ease our minds.

Blessed are You,
God of health and healing.

© 2018 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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