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For a Missing Pet

Merlin the Cat

A prayer for a missing pet inspired by the disappearance and safe return of Merlin, the cat of friends Cantor Evan Kent and Rabbi Donald Goor. This prayer is based on one for a missing person. Perhaps it’s not shocking that the prayers are nearly identical. Welcome Home, Merlin!

For a Missing Pet
G-d of the frightened,
G-d of the missing and the lost,
Return my/our beloved pet
___________________________ [name]
To the cradle of my/our arms
And the refuge of my/our home
Speedily, in life and in health.
Watch over her/him. Protect her/him.
Shelter her/him from harm.
Deliver her/him from evil acts and evil intent.
Bless all who are helping with her/his return.

G-d of Old,
These [hours/days/weeks]
Of dismay and dread are almost too much to bear.
Grant me/us endurance, hope and faith
That I/we will soon be reunited with ___________ [name]
In the fullness of joy.

Holy One,
Protector and Redeemer,
Hear [this/my/our] prayer.

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Postscript: Here’s a prayer to be said “For a Critically-Ill Pet” and another for the “Passing of a Beloved Pet.”

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Photo Source: Cantor Evan Kent

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