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For California: The Land is Burning

A prayer to end the California wildfires, for safety, for the victims, for healing and for renewal. Also, here’s a prayer to say “For Firefighters.”

The Land is Burning
G-d of mercy,
The land is burning,
Fires raging,
Devastation set loose upon the earth,
Upon the innocent and the righteous,
Your children,
Creation itself.

Source and Shelter,
Hold back the winds,
Bring forth the rains,
Even as the courageous battle the blazes,
Rescuing the frightened and trapped,
Even as victims flee and neighbors come to each other’s aid,
Even as we mourn the dead
And search for the missing.

G-d of compassion,
Bless the people of California with succor and relief.
Bless firefighters and police with endurance and strength.
Bless public safety, rescue and mental health professionals with stamina and resolve.
Bless the victims with resilience and renewal.
Let the inferno end
And healing begin.

© 2017 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: See also a prayer “For Firefighters.”

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