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Dance in the Sky

Bird DanceThis meditation began as a flight of fancy, exploring the image of dancing with our prayers and blessings in the vast open space of sky. As it unfolded, it evolved to take on echoes of Ma’ariv Aravim, the opening prayer of the Ma’ariv service following Barchu. It could serve as an additional or alternative reading between Barchu and the Shema.

Dance in the Sky
Let me dance in the sky,
With prayers and blessings
For the ones I love,
Raising these hopes
To the gates of heaven.

Let me sing among the stars,
With mystery and magic
For the holiness around us,
Raising these dreams
To the gates of redemption.

For there is music in the dawn,
And blessings at dusk,
A radiance of glory,
Carrying our voices beyond the firmament
To the One who created all being.

Source and Shelter,
You set the course of sun and moon,
Bringing on the evening twilight,
Calling forth time and space,
With majesty and wonder.

Blessed are You,
Soul of the Universe,
Summoning the heavens,
Declaring the reign of holiness.

© 2016 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: See also “Come Walk,” “Prayer with Wings” and “Rise on Wings: A Prayer of Borrowing.”

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