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Quick Blessing for a Past Love

Past Love Who Gave So MuchIn my single life, before and after my marriage to Ami z”l, I’ve been blessed with the company of women who’ve loved deeply, women who have been sources of strength and inspiration. Sometimes I wonder how they’re doing, if they’re happy and contented, and I send a brief blessing out into the world. This blessing for a past love appears in my book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing.

Quick Blessing for a Past Love
Light from my past,
You were once the joy of my present
And the hope of our future.
I remember you with affection
And pray that you have found
Joy and contentment,
Prosperity and peace.
Your loving heart and your gentle hand
Remain a source of quiet warmth
Even as the rhythm of our lives
Move in separate directions.
May you dwell in the tent of health and happiness
Secure in a life of friendship and love
Rejoicing in a life of awe and wonder.

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Postscript: There are eight prayers of love and friendship in my book Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing which can be ordered here. This is one of 16 “Quick Prayers.” Click here for the full list.

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