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Prayer after Abuse by Clergy

Clergy Abuse Healing GardenThis is a difficult new prayer to address a challenge that sadly reflects our times. It is written to be quite flexible, with both optional lines and places in which to tailor the prayer to personal experience. In the first stanza, there’s an opportunity for those abused by clergy to add specific emotions; the third stanza includes a place to add individual desires and needs. Word choices are separated with a slash (“/”), optional language appears in [brackets] and suggestions appear in (parentheses).

Prayer after Abuse by Clergy
You had no right.
You had no right.
You abused your power.
You abused my trust
With manipulations [and with force].
You abused G-d’s word.
You abused my hope,
My heart,
My joy and my body.
[I loved you. Damn, I loved you.]
What remains is _____________ (silently or out loud, add your personal emotions, such as: fear / doubt / anger / shame / sorrow / isolation / loneliness / rage).

[G-d of Old,
How could you let this happen?
How can this exist in Your world?
How can this happen in Your house?
How could this be perpetrated in Your name?
Damn, I loved You, too.
And still…]

In the shadow of this grief,
This yearning and despair,
I turn to You,
Ancient One,
To show me the path
To wholeness and consolation.
Teach me to trust,
To love with fullness of heart.
Teach me willingness to surrender to awe and beauty.
Teach me to treat myself with patience and kindness.
[Help me to _______________ (add your personal needs and desires silently or out loud).]
So I may live fully, with zest and zeal.

G-d of compassion,
Heal all who have suffered abuse by clergy.
Bring us from darkness to light.
Bring justice to those who commit these crimes.
Heal the holy congregations who pray in Your name.
Make us all, now and forever, whole again.

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