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Facing Challenges

Coping with stress, troublesThis is a simple, straightforward and general prayer for people who face challenges that weigh heavily upon their days: financial, medical, emotional, spiritual. It’s crafted to allow individuals to include the specific challenges that they face. Word choices are shown with a slash (“/”). The blank line identifies the spot to insert the specifics challenges. Special thanks to Rabbi Paul Kipnes who suggested the idea for this prayer.

Facing Challenges
G-d of my ancestors,
G-d of my people,
Challenges that threaten my/our
Safety and well being
Weigh heavy upon me/us.
I/We face ________________ [list the challenges with which you struggle].
And [I am/ we are] trapped in what appears to be
An impossible situation.

Where is the light?
Where is the air?
Where is the sound
Of my own breathing?

Ancient One,
Grant me/us comfort
As I/we struggle to find solutions,
As I/we struggle to find hope,
[As my/our suffering magnifies.]
Source and Shelter,
Protect me/us.
Bring me/us back to holiness and light.
Bring me/us back to awe and wonder.
Bring me/us back to Your tabernacle of peace.

Blessed are You,
G-d of Wonders,
Still Small Voice,
You heal the wounded spirit with love.

© 2015 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript:  This is one of two prayers with the same structure. This prayer deals with ongoing challenges; the other prayer, called “Mounting Losses,” deals with multiple difficult endings, such as multiple deaths, or a divorce and a family death. It will be posted here in the next few weeks. The two prayers share some common language. Again thanks to Rabbi Paul Kipnes who suggested the idea for this prayer and made suggestions to the drafts of both prayers. His book, Jewish Spiritual Parenting, co-authored with Michelle November, will be available this Spring from Jewish Lights Publishing.

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