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Terumah 5775: Tabernacle

TabernacleComplexDrawingIn Terumah, this week’s Torah portion, we get the instructions for creating the Sanctuary, the portable structure that accompanied the Israelites as they wandered, including the inner chamber where G-d’s presence would dwell. This meditation begins with a common metaphor, each of us building a tabernacle is his or her heart. It then takes that idea a step further, claiming that we, in fact, are the raw materials for the dwelling place of G-d’s glory.

Let me build Your tabernacle
With my own hands
So that Your glory
Will dwell with us
Once again.

I will build a sanctuary
In the space between my heart and my soul,
Clearing the residue of sorrow and misdeeds,
Making a place for Your covenant,
Your wisdom and Your truth,
To rest in me.

Come, my people,
Shake off your slumber.
Shake off your despair.
G-d’s majesty waits only for an invitation.

Let your days be the woven fabric of love.
Let your life be the golden lamp of peace.
Together, we will become
The staves and the planks,
The walls, the curtain and the table,
Each one of us a pillar,
A sacred congregation,
A faithful assembly,
In service to G-d’s Holy Name.

© 2015 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: My other prayers seeking G-d and about the heart as a sanctuary to G-d include: “Let Us Meet,” “Seeking G-d” and “Let Holiness.”

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Photo Source: Jewish Gems – Anita Silvert

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