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One Gift

IMG_8211Each moment brings a new gift, the gift of now. Now is the source of all gifts. G-d is the Source of now. Here are three related meditations: “Leaving,” “Arriving” and “Now.”

One Gift
There is but one gift
That is the source of all blessings:
The gift of now.
Now is the source
Of you, my friend,
Of us, my love,
Of sky and rain,
Of thunder and light,
Of season and harvest,
Of mystery and adventure,
Of awe and wonder.
Now is the source of blessings.

There is but one Source
For this well of blessings
This flow of now:
You, G-d of All Being.
You are the Source
Of friendship and love,
Of tide and bounty,
Of endings and beginnings,
Of Torah and wisdom,
Of radiance and splendor,
Of holiness and healing.
You, Holy One, are the
Source of all gifts, the
Source of all blessings, the
Source of now.

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