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Marvelous Gifts

Second_Nuremberg_Haggadah_MatzaFor Passover, here’s a new meditation on using freedom in service to G-d and our fellow human beings while seeing the beauty and wonder around us. G-d gives us freedom, then we ask G-d to teach us how to use it wisely. More Passover prayers and meditations appear in my new book, Haggadah Companion: Meditations and Readings.

Marvelous Gifts
G-d of Old,
We give thanks
For moments of wonder and awe,
Of righteousness and charity,
For the freedom to do Your will.
Let Your mysteries unfold around us.
Guide us,
Shield us,
Lift us from narrow places
Of fear and despair
Into lives of service,
Into lives of celebration.
Teach me to use my hours with care,
And my words as tools of praise.

The world is beautiful,
Marvelous in opportunity,
Joyous in energy,
Pulsing with excitement,
Vibrant in youth,
Wise in years,
Amazing with vitality,
Fantastic in all life,
A place of love and hope.
Teach me to use my hands to build,
And my heart as a beacon of joy.

G-d of All Being,
Let me use the gift of redemption
From slavery to freedom,
From despair to hope,
As an instrument of holiness,
Celebrating the glory and beauty of creation,
A remembrance of our exodus of Egypt.

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