Thank You! Cue the Music…

JPHH FinalWow! What a weekend.

As you recall, I’ve been raising money to publish my book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing. On Saturday, your total pledges surpassed the Kickstarter goal. Yes, together we hit the goal. Thank you. Now I’m full speed ahead on finishing the book.

To celebrate, my musician friends Andy Dennen and Tracy Friend have offered to share some of their music with my backers. First, in Kickstarter lingo, we’ve created “stretch” goals:

  • If the campaign reaches $15,000, everyone who contributes $25 or more will get a free copy of the song “Psalm 150” from their new album, God is Near.
  • If we reach $18,000, all who contribute $25 or more will get a free copy “Psalm 150,” plus an audio companion of five prayers from the book that I will create as a special bonus gift.

andrewdennentracyfriendSecond, we’ve created a new reward category: “Prayer, Art and Song,” including everything in the “Prayer and Art” category, plus a copy of CD God is Near. Here’s a link to God is Near on CDBaby where you can preview all the songs on the CD, including “Psalm 150.”

After the Kickstarter campaign, I’ll open up a book store on my web site. Many of these same packages will be available, but at slightly higher prices. So, for newcomers interested in this work, now’s the time to join in. You can buy the book, or support this project at any level, by clicking here.

What will I do with the additional support? I’ll create two or three book tours to the U.S., Canada and the U.K. and possibly a book trailer, which have become very popular for introducing new books. The ability to build out the marketing campaign would have a huge impact on success of the book and the reach of these prayers.

I met Tracy and Andy as a result of my writing while I still lived in the Chicago area. They introduced me to a world of Jewish singer-songwriters that I did not know existed. Some of those musicians had a strong influence on my work. Andy and Tracy came to my home Saturday evenings, bringing music and musicians for folk singing and beautiful Havdallah services, the ritual ending the Sabbath. God is Near is the album they were finishing and launching as I left Chicago for Israel.

So, please continue to spread the word about the project on Facebook, Twitter and via email. With your continued help, we’ll sing some more songs and praises together. Please consider increasing your pledge to help meet the stretch goal.

Blessings from Jerusalem to you all. As we say in Hebrew, todah rabah, thank you very much. I appreciate your dedication, your help and your support.

P.S. Please “kick me again” on Kickstarter.

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