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Garden of Blessings

NRCSIA99587.tifWe live in G-d’s garden, G-d’s world, G-d’s universe. It is a garden of blessings.

Garden of Blessings
Holy One,
G-d of Creation,
Source of Light,
Fountain of Wonder,
Life is a garden of blessings,
Alive with beauty,
Nourished by the holiness of Your Word,
Fed by the love of Your People.

Ancient One,
Your garden blooms with joys and sorrows,
With hopes and yearnings,
In the warmth of mercy,
In the breath of faith.

As for me,
G-d of Old,
Grant me the wisdom
To walk these paths gently,
With awe and thanksgiving,
In times of rejoicing
And in moments of despair.
Let me see Your glory in all that is,
All that was
And all that will be.
Then I will be like a flower
That always blooms,
Fresh and new,
In service to Your Holy Name.

© 2012 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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