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To Ask

sunset-over-cloudsHere’s a short meditation on asking G-d for guidance and support to live a life of righteousness. It’s a nice opening prayer for a moment – or an hour – of reflection on the journey of t’shuva, the journey of repentance, return to G-d and the commitment to a life of righteousness. To listen along, click on the triangle in the bar below. The text follows.


To Ask
Holy One,
G-d of my heart,
What is it that You ask of me,
In my joy and wonder?
What is it that You ask of me,
In my grief and pain?
What is it that You ask of me,
In my vitality and strength?
What is it that You ask of me,
In my weakness and decline?

Ancient One,
Grant me the will and the desire,
The spirit and the purpose,
To serve You with love.
To ask for Your guidance.
To seek Your help.
To do Your will.
To learn Your Torah.
To act with righteousness.
To live with humility.
To rejoice in all Your gifts.

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