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For Organ Donation

logoCMYK2The death of my wife Ami z”l at a hospital in Maine led to her last act of service on this earth: becoming an organ donor. This prayer gives thanks for organ donation. I’ve also written a prayer “In Memory of an Organ Donor,” which I recite in her memory. And here’s a prayer to be said “On Waiting for An Organ Transplant.” To listen while you read, click on the triangle in the bar below. The text follows. This prayer appears in my new book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing.


For Organ Donation
G-d of health and healing,
We give thanks for the medical science
That allows us to remove organs from one person
And implant them into another,
Renewing life for the critically ill.
Bless all those who dedicate their lives to this sacred task.
Grant strength and fortitude to the scientists and researchers,
Surgeons, nurses and clinicians,
Administrators and other professionals
Whose efforts give life.
May the work of their hands never falter.
Shine Your light on those who,
Still living, give so freely of themselves.
Grant them health, prosperity and long life.
Remember those who have given of themselves in death,
Providing vital organs to those on the edge of life.
May this final act of charity and love
Be a testimony to their lives.
Grant their families comfort, consolation and peace.

Blessed are You, G-d of miracles,
Who heals, blesses and sustains life.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: Here’s an update to this prayer called: “For Organ and Tissue Donation.” My other prayers for healing include: “For Surgery,” “Upon Recovery from Surgery,” “For Healing the Spirit” and “For a Critically Ill Child.” Please consider purchasing my new book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing.

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2 Responses to “For Organ Donation”

  1. Ralph Reyes

    Dear Alden:
    Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. In 1998 I was informed of a friends whose 8-year-old girl was dieing from cancer. I penned the following for the family. Share this with whom you wish.
    “The Promise”
    Hello G-d, its me again, how are you today?
    Say G-d I know your busy, but could I make one last request?
    When the day begins tomorrow don’t forget to color my flowers
    and paint the sky extra blue.
    Have nuts for the squirrels and seeds for the birds and remember
    the smaller animals too.
    I love all the things you do.
    Remember the job you gave me? Up in heaven before I left?
    It was a promise to return, I didn’t forget.
    It started with coming down to mom & dad and helping them every day.
    They taught me to walk, to talk and to pray.
    I taught them too!
    I taught them to see the beauty of a flower,
    the blue of the sky, to laugh at my giggles and hug me when I cry.
    The last thing to teach them is how to say good-by.
    Maybe you can help me give it one more try.
    Help me to teach them that before I was theirs
    I was Yours before this time.
    Help them remember why I came to earth,
    to live, to love and be given a second birth,
    it’s to last for all time.
    Well I’m ready to go I can hardly wait
    Remember your last promise,
    “I’ll wait by the Gate”
    Thanks G-d, I knew I could count on you.
    –Ralph Reyes 1998


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