Another Year: An Introspection

20120327-kryptomorphaics-introspection-2_mg_3874For the New Year: a meditation on the passage and the use of time. Have I spent this time wisely? And what have I learned? Contrast this meditation, which is about living a life of integrity, with another New Year meditation, “In This Turning,” which is about love. Here’s another prayer “For the New Year” and another called “A New Year Begins.” To listen along as you read, click on the triangle in the bar below. The text follows. This prayer appears in This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day.

Another Year: An Introspection
Another year slips away,
As they all do,
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Moment by moment.
Many used wisely,
Many wasted.

Another year opens,
As they all do,
With anticipation,
With wonder and amazement,
With excitement.
With consolation.

Was last year so different from the one before?
What will the New Year bring?
What will I bring to the New Year?

This I pledge to myself:
Love is my answer to grief,
Hope is my answer to loss,
Strength is my answer to fear,
Honor is my answer to slander,
Action is my answer to injustice.

This I pledge to you
Dear sisters and brothers:
To see you as you are,
To respect your journey,
To hear your truth,
To stand with you in dignity,
To walk with you as a companion and friend.

This I pledge to You
G-d of my ancestors:
To seek Your wisdom,
To follow Your command,
To obey Your Law,
To observe Your Sabbath,
To rejoice in Your works,
To do Your will.

G-d of time and space,
Another year slips away,
As they all do.
Another year opens before me,
As they all do:
With one hundred choices,
One thousand possibilities
And one sacred duty.
Life. This life. My life.

© 2017 CCAR Press from This Grateful Heart: Psalms and Prayers for a New Day

Postscript: Here’s another prayer “For the New Year” and a meditation called “In This Turning.” Please consider purchasing my book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing.

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