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About the Heavens

Helix NebulaThis is a brief meditation from a series of prayer/poems written in one of the many voices of the spiritual traveler. This is the voice of the one who has a question that doesn’t need an answer. We marvel at G-d’s gifts and wonder about the unknowable. The series includes: “About the Rainbow” and “About Shabbat.”

About the Heavens
Majestic Sovereign,
Artist of creation,
Why did You put the stars
Beyond our grasp?
Was it Your desire
To keep us searching the heavens
For luminous spirals,
Shimmering clouds,
Rings of glorious light?
Was this Your plan,
To summon us
To reach across the vastness
With hope and desire?
Or perhaps
Once You created the canvass of sky,
Once You took out Your watercolors,
Your oils,
Your charcoals,
Your pencils,
Your palette,
You couldn’t resist
The urge
To paint.

© 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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