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To Seek Your Glory

IMG_2229This prayer asks for G-d’s help seeking G-d. A paradox? Seeking G-d takes patience, endurance and discipline. The patience to wait for a flower to bloom. The endurance to stay present in each moment. The discipline to see if the bush burns but is not consumed. This is from a series prayers including “To Hear Your Voice,” “To Seek Your Love” and “To Know Your Word.” To listen along as you read, click on the triangle in the bar below. The text follows.


To Seek Your Glory
Divine author of creation,
Well of mystery,
Majestic hand of light and truth,
Grant me the patience and wisdom
To seek Your wonders,
The glory of Your sacred and holy Name.
Open my eyes to radiance and splendor,
The steady flow of holiness and love,
To awe, abundance, beauty, comfort and rest.
Set us on the path of devotion and dedication,
A wondrous journey of discovery.
Give us energy, endurance and enthusiasm,
Zest and zeal,
To live our lives in wonder,
Seeking Your holy presence.

G-d of All being,
Font of wisdom and joy,
Your Glory endures.

© 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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Postscript: I use this prayer for the 11th day of the Omer. Here are links to the related prayers, “To Hear Your Voice,” “To Seek Your Love” and “To Know Your Word.”

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