Dwelling Place

A prayer/poem about the meaning of home, posted for Sukkot.

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Dwelling Place
This is my dwelling-place.
The place of my bounty and sustenance,
Study and reflection.

This is my living-place.
The place of my comfort and rest,
Quiet and peace.

This is my working-place.
The place of my dedication and strength,
Pride and honor.

This is my loving-place.
The place of my family and heart,
Warmth and shelter.

This is my memory-place.
The place of my seasons and sensations,
Traditions and transitions.

This is my hoping-place.
The place of my dreams and desires,
Visions and wonder.

This is my mourning-place.
The place of endings and beginnings,
Grief and renewal.

This is my dying-place.
The place of my release and surrender,
Letting go and passing on.

This is my dwelling-place.
The place of my moments and years,
Blessings and gifts,
Sabbaths of the heart,
Sabbaths of the soul.

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