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For Healing the Spirit

Neshama LifeThis prayer opens by summoning the prophetic voice, asking that we examine our lives, that we examine why we waste our days in grief and despair. Then the prayer turns to the power we have to make our lives holy, asking us to walk toward holiness. This is one of a set of three related prayers, including “Regarding Old Wounds” and “For Sharing Divine Gifts.” All three appear in my book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing. To listen while you read, click on the triangle in the bar below. The text follows.

For Healing the Spirit
Daughter of man,
Son of woman,
Children of love and divine union:
Why do you stay buried in your losses,
Crushed by your burdens,
Drowned by your fears?
Why do you look down to the dust
When the morning sky
Bursts with daybreak?
When the night
Shimmers with starlight?
Why do you shuffle your feet
When the earth calls out
To feel your dance?

Daughter of majestic gifts,
Son of glorious secrets:
Cast off your sorrows.
Banish your pain.
Exile your grief.
There is joy in every breath,
Mystery in every sky.

Come you children of G-d,
You witnesses of life and loss:
Walk with dignity toward holiness
And with grace toward healing.
Walk with confidence into each moment
And with passion into each new day.
Then your lives will become a blessing,
A divine teacher,
An instrument of heaven,
A messenger of hope.

Blessed are You, Creator of life,
You heal the broken spirit with love.

© 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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Postscript: Although all three of the prayers in this series have particular relevance during the Hebrew month of Elul. I’ve selected this prayer for using during week four of Counting the Omer. Here are more prayers for healing: “For a Critically-Ill Child,” “For Surgery” and “Upon Recovery from Surgery.”

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3 Responses to “For Healing the Spirit”

  1. David Kelm, Soaring hippogryph

    Alden, Your word gifts are touch me deeply. I would like to share something with you.

    Co-creator, my source!
    I have more then enough.
    All the needs of this body
    Are abundantly present.
    The care of my soul is provided
    And I am guided in the right direction.

    Even when it appears my way goes
    Through darkness and devastation
    I am not afraid because
    The source of all is with me,
    Allowing me to be enthusiastically incomplete.

    I have a banquet surrounding me
    Right in front of those who choose
    To be victims.
    I am aware of the love that enfolds me,
    Because my cup overflows with blessings.

    Peace and harmony energize me in
    My every experience.
    I appreciate now, for ever and ever.

    Psalm 23 re-interpreted in the
    Language of the Eternal NOW for
    Seeds of Harmony Project

    • tobendlight

      Thanks for sharing this reinterpretation of Psalm 23. Who’s the author?

      This Psalm is traditionally recited at Jewish funerals and, with the setting of the sun, so too came the first anniversary of my wife’s death. I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m off to recite the 23rd in her memory…


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