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Birthday, No More

800px-Buchach_Jewish_Graveyard_(40)My sense of sorrow and loss return on the birth dates of my dad Jack z”l and my wife Ami z”l. Here’s a prayer to be said on the birthday of a deceased loved one. Word choices are separated with a slash (“/”). Optional lines and instructions appear in [brackets]. I’m posting it memory of my father, born August 20, 1925. On that same date, 63 years later, he received his cancer diagnosis and died 10 days later, August 30, 1988, corresponding to 17 Elul 5748.

Birthday, No More
This empty space in time,
In my heart,
Is yours dear ___________, [insert a name or a title, such as dad or mom].
It is the space for yearning,
The space of memory,
The day your light came into the world.
[A day for celebrating the life you lived.]
[A day of sorrow for what was lost,
Birthdays that will never be.]

[Here, if your heart is so moved, add your memories silently or out loud.]

This day touches
The depths of my grief and loss.
This day touches
A wound and makes it new.

G-d of generations,
Be with me [and my/our family]
As we remember what was
And what might have been.

I/We miss you.

© 2015 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: Some of my other prayers about death include: “Near the End: A Meditation,” “On Removing a Child’s Life Support,” “Meditation on the Burial of a Young Child,” “On the Journey to My Child’s Passing,” “After Shiva” and “Shall I Cry.” Here’s a list of memorial and yizkor prayers.

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