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Three Years of Prayer

Jeru Morning Aug 2Jerusalem, 22 March 2013

I don’t believe in coincidences. Today is the third anniversary
of launching this site, of living my mission to bring holiness into the world by sharing my prayers with you. It’s also the 10-month anniversary of my aliyah, my immigration to Israel, the fulfillment of a dream to live in the land, to live with my people, to challenge myself spiritually in the City of Gold. And when the Sabbath comes in tonight at sundown, it will also be the fourth yartziet — the fourth anniversary — of my wife Ami’s z”l death. Zecher tzadikim livrach. The memory of the righteous is a blessing.

One day. Three important milestones. Without a doubt, Ami’s death was the catalyst for my journey into prayer and finding my voice as a poet and a liturgist. Her death also led me back to the Land, first as part of my healing process, then as my path to a new life. The connection among the dates is clear. Perhaps the meaning is, as well. Like the forest fire that yields a meadow of wildflowers, the energy of life, the energy of healing, the energy of beauty surrounds us. Grief and joy can live side-by-side in holiness and love. Adventure is waiting.

As of today, I’ve written more than 300 new prayers, poems, meditations and songs. They’ve been read more than 92,000 times by people in 129 nations. The number of people who have supported me and my mission of prayer has grown too vast to fully list. I’m now working on two books based on my writing: a compendium of prayers called Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing and the story of one man’s journey into darkness and light, told with 50 meditations, called Song of the Spiritual Traveler.

Please take a moment today to say a quick prayer, perhaps this one, a prayer that I will say today more than once: “Quick Prayer of Gratitude.” I’m certainly grateful for all of you. So let me say thank you for your connection and commitment to prayer. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. Thank you for taking time to read and listen to my words.

With love and blessings,



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4 Responses to “Three Years of Prayer”

  1. conleemed

    Hi Alden. Just want to say that I will be praying for you today. Also, want to give thanks to Hashem for all the blessing He has given me through your poetry. I too have lost someone, to a violent death. My son, Garreth, died tragically at age 21, a 3rd year engineering student. He truly loved the LORD. Yes, his memory is sweet to me. His life was a gift to many. May The LORD strengthen and keep you today. I rejoice with your thankful heart and glorify Hashem.

    Shalom Connie

    • tobendlight

      Connie, I’m sorry to head about your son. The ability to hold love and loss at the same time, to hold gratitude and grief together, that’s a blessing. Alden


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