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The spiritual lives of men.

We Share the Same Pain

This is an invitation, an invitation to men to bond as equals, as brothers, as friends, sharing our deepest pain and our deepest fear. It’s posted…

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My Battle

This meditation out came of my work as part of the ManKind Project. It’s a prayer/poem for men about reclaiming the sacred masculine, that deep well of…

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My Heart Knows What it Needs

This is another in my series of prayers and meditations for men. With a single tweak it could become gender neutral. That’s not my intent. I speak here…

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For the Lost: A Prayer for Men

Friend or foe? That’s the ancient male warrior/protector concern. Harm or help? Enemy or friend? Safe or unsafe? It’s an antiquated question that needs a new…

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My Work Remains

This prayer is profoundly intimate. And it is one of my favorite prayers written for myself and for other men. It came out of my work at the…

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