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Ha’azinu 5777: We Are Music

music-notesIn this week’s parasha Ha’azinu (Deuteronomy 22), Moses sings a majestic farewell song, beginning by calling on the heavens to hear. The Haftarah (II Samuel 22:1-51) is David’s Song of Thanksgiving. This prayer/poem is about embodying the music of life and hearing the music created when we move in and out of moments together. While Moses calls on the heavens to give ear, this meditation calls on us to listen to our own — and to each other’s — hearts.

We Are Music
Quiet now.
And listen.

You are music.
Your breath and hands,
Your smile and tears,
Your eyes and pulse,
Are notes that dance
In the space between us.

We are music.
A symphony conducted
By the rhythm of life,
By G-d’s hand,
By our choices, day-by-day.

Our notes play on,
Separately, together,
The sacred sound of living.
Our music waltzes,
Making melodies fresh and new,
Never heard again,
Bass lines that pulse from our hearts
To the Soul of the Universe.

Joy bends sorrow.
Sorrow bends hope.
Hope bends grief.
Grief bends love.
Love bends joy.

Quiet now.
And listen.

The silence is your longing.
The silence is your yearning for a different song.
The music of your own will
Blocks your heart to the harmonies
Already dancing around you,
To the chorus already singing around you.

Oh, you hidden delight of heaven.
Oh, you secret gift of G-d.
We are music.
We are music.
The music plays
Through us.

© 2013 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: This is my second meditation incorporating instructions to the reader into the prayer. The first is called “Invitations.” Both include this exclamation: “Oh, you hidden delight of heaven. Oh, you secret gift of G-d. Please see also: “Life as a Symphony,” “For the Gift of Song” and “For the Gift of Music.” This prayer first appeared on this site on Feb. 6, 2013.

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